Fall 2021

Acid By John



John is a visual artist, fashion designer, and founder of the streetwear brand ACiD.


John approached us with a desire to overhaul the ACiD e-commerce website. Our initial meetings revealed that he wanted the experience to be more in-line with other streetwear brands. A survey of key precedents led us to prioritize speed, simplicity, and clear navigation.

The original website’s shopping & checkout flow was slow & difficult to navigate for users. The inconsistent design elements made it hard to use, especially on mobile. All this for a monthly operational cost that was hurting John’s bottom line.


  1. Allow the products to shine with clear navigation and information hierarchy
  2. Implement an industry-standard shopping and checkout experience that minimizes cognitive load on the user
  3. Reduce monthly operating costs and move to a more flexible platform


ACiD’s products have a very strong identity, so we developed a design system of typography and UI that would accent this. We opted for clean stencil (Mono Spec) and sans serif (Manrope) fonts to appear modern while staying true to John’s streetwear aesthetic.

Clear navigation hierarchy reduces the number of clicks users need to make to hop between pages. Using a flexible grid system means the website functions flawlessly on both mobile and desktop.

Switching from WIX e-commerce to a custom JAMstack solution using Snipcart allowed for a lightweight back-end with complete flexibility in designing the front-end. This resulted in a faster, and more user friendly website at 20% of the operating cost.


With customers flocking to ACiD’s modern and flexible e-commerce experience, John is able to focus on his work, expanding ACiD’s inventory, and continue growing his business.