Spring 2022

Mike Kitt



Mike is a business executive based in Vancouver, BC. With 5+ years of professional cryptocurrency experience, he wanted to to begin the journey of establishing himself and his interests as a brand.


Mike came to us looking to create a hub which would centralize his growing online presence to network more effectively. He also wanted the flexibility to expand the project in the future, as his requirements for the website grow.


  1. Simple yet recognizable brand identity
  2. Clean, modern and timeless website design that leaves room to grow
  3. A performant and lightweight website that Mike could easily update


Mike works in an industry where trust is paramount, and his brand needed to reflect that. In order to design the brand, we presented two directions with major aesthetic distinctions. We collaborated with Mike to synthesize a professional and approachable brand design, including a simple yet powerful logo.

We then designed a set of interactive prototypes that communicate the experience more dynamically and helped ensure that Mike has a clear understanding of what the completed website will feel like.

We implemented the mockups using Astro, a cutting-edge static site generator that facilities extremely efficient but powerful website. The website requires zero javascript to initially load which cuts down on pageload speed. While the website is built on a flexible and powerful foundation that we can reach into as his requirements expand but stays just as simple as it needs to be until then.

We then integrated Netlify CMS, a flexibly content management system that allows Mike to update the site without the need of a web developer. Finally, we deployed the website to Netlify, an affordable and fast static site host.


The results were a low-cost, robust and blazing fast website with zero up-front javascript requirements.